Anisnabe Kekendazone Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research

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Anne A.J. Andermann - McGill University, Co-Investigator
Anne A.J. Andermann is assistant professor at St. Mary's Hospital and Department of Family Medicine, McGill University, in Montréal. Her area of research is in population health, health promotion and disease prevention.

Annette O'Connor - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Annette O'Connor has funded research in decisional conflict and knowledge translation.

Beverley Shea - CIETcanada, Co-Investigator
Beverley Shea has wide experience in systematic reviews of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Her doctorate developed new methods for high quality systematic reviews and in structured outcomes for randomized controlled trials. In this project she will start to adapt these advances to the Aboriginal context of non-written and traditional wisdom.

Chantelle Richmond - McGill University, Co-Investigator
Chantelle Richmond is a First Nation scholar in the Department of Geography at McGill University.  Her doctoral dissertation examines the role of the social environment as a health determinant among the Canadian Aboriginal population, in particular that of social support. 

David Dannenbaum - Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay, Co-Investigator
David Dannenbaum is involved with community oriented primary prevention strategies promoting Aboriginal initiated and owned programs. He is also involved in the research and program evaluation of community priorities for diabetes prevention.

Elizabeth Robinson - James Bay Cree Board of Health and Social Services, Co-Investigator
Elizabeth Robinson is involved in research on gestational diabetes.

George Haas - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
George Haas is involved in various research capacities on projects concerned with Aboriginal community health, environmental health and resource management.

George Wells - Ottawa Heart Institute, Co-Investigator

George Wells is concerned with multi-centre clinical trials, statistical methodology related to disease processes and health care delivery, systematic reviews and meta-analysis and the development and assessment of decision support technologies for patients and clinicians.

Grace Egeland - McGill, Co-Investigator
Grace Egeland is Canada Research Chair in Environment, Nutrition, and Health and associate professor at the Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment and the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Macdonald Campus of McGill University, Montréal, Canada. She received her PhD in epidemiology from the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, in 1989. She was recruited to the McGill chair from the University of Bergen, Norway. Prior to that, she was an epidemiologist with the Alaska State Department of Health and Social Services in Anchorage, Alaska, and has been active in the American Society and International Union for Circumpolar health. She has received research funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Cree Board of Health and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami of Canada. Her research Interests include: chronic disease impact of dietary change in the health of aboriginal populations; gestational diabetes and maternal child health; public health impact of environmental policy regarding food contamination; and the interplay of environmental and nutritional exposures in human health. She currently teaches two courses on “Analysis of Nutrition Data” and “Nutrition in Developing Countries”.

Jeremy Grimshaw - Institute of Population Health, Co-Investigator
Jeremy Grimshaw's research interests include: systematic reviews professional, organizational, financial and regulatory interventions to improve professional and health care system performance; design, conduct and analysis of rigorous evaluations of dissemination and implementation strategies; and methodological developments.

Jill Torrie - Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay, Co-Investigator
Jill Torrie is the Permanent Secretary of the Research Committee and Director of Specialized Services.

Jim Henderson - McGill University, Co-Investigator
Jim Henderson is a librarian and will provide expert support in conducting systematic reviews in the area of aboriginal health.

John Arnason - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
John Arnason is Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Ottawa and Associate Director of the Biopharmaceutical Sciences program. His laboratory was established at the University of Ottawa in 1980. He has collaborated widely on discovery projects with colleagues in Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, West Africa, Indonesia, and northern Canada. He has been active in the establishment of the natural health products field in Canada and has studied many North American species of interest to the herbal and nutraceutical industry. He
also collaborates with groups of healers in various locations to better document and understand their uses of traditional medicine, the biological activity of their plants, and the cultural context of their healing practices.

Jon Salsberg - McGill University, Associate Director PRAM McGill, Co-Investigator
Jon is interested in the pragmatics of participatory inquiry and end-user engagement, as well as informatics and wide-area data tool development. Jon has worked in both northern and southern Aboriginal community settings, and has consulted on participatory projects involving various knowledge-users.

Judy New - University of Toronto, Co-Investigator
Judy New works as the diabetes trainer at the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres, serving 28 centres throughout Ontario, and is currently working on a gardens project to increase food security in Aboriginal communities.

Julian Little - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Julian Little works in human genome epidemiology, particularly in relation to birth defects and cancer in Aboriginal communities.

Karen Yeates - Queen’s University, Co-Investigator

Karen Yeates is concerned with kidney disease outcomes and health policy issues in Aboriginal Health, primarily in access to care and examining methods to improve on the ways that Aboriginal people access the health care system.

Katherine Gray-Donald - McGill, Co-Investigators
Dr. Katherine Gray-Donald is the Associate Professor in the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University. She received her in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University in 1984.

Kathleen Glass - Queen’s University, Co-Investigator
Kathleen Glass combines empirical and conceptual methodologies when looking at issues such as the use of placebo and clinical trial blinding.

Kevin Barlow - Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, Co-Investigator
Kevin Barlow has funded research on Indigenous resiliency, cultural competence in service provision, mental health, Aboriginal women’s experience of sexual violence, and incarceration issues.

Larry Chartrand – University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Dr. Larry Chartrand has been an active faculty member in the Common Law Section since 1994, assuming the role of Associate Professor in 2007. Prof. Chartrand’s research interests include youth criminal justice, Métis rights, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Aboriginal governance and politics, residential schools, medical liability, Aboriginal health and ethics, international human rights, and Aboriginal Constitutional law.

Lucie Levesque - Queen’s University, Co-Investigator
Lucie Levesque focuses on physical activity/exercise involvement and health promotion from an ecological perspective characterized by both individual (e.g., psychological) and environmental determinants of health behaviour.

Margaret Cargo - McGill University, Co-Investigator
Margaret Cargo is a researcher at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University. She joined the Douglas Hospital Research Centre in 2004 after completing a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Université de Montréal, during which time she specialized in the application of participatory research principles to the evaluation of community health promotion programs for children and youth. Her research investigates the broader social context within which programs are governed and implemented to promote adolescent development, mental health and well-being. She also lends expertise on the multi-method assessment of social and physical environments in population health projects. Her areas of expertise include participatory research, program evaluation, positive youth development, obesity prevention, Aboriginal community health, mixed method assessment of social context, mental health promotion.

Madeline Dion Stout - Kehewin First Nation in Alberta, Co-Investigator
Madeline Dion Stout has authored several reports on Aboriginal health and gender. Dr Dion Stout keeps Aboriginal perspectives and aspirations central to Aboriginal health and healing.

Mark Rosenberg - Queen’s University, Co-Investigator
Mark Rosenberg is a professor in community health and epidemiology and geography. Areas of interest include geographies of women’s health, aging across Canada, comparing service rich and service poor communities and research on health and the environment.

Maureen Woodrow - Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Maureen Woodrow is a sociologist whose research expertise is in the area of community socio-economic development and related environmental issues.

Mike Green - Queen’s University, Co-Investigator
Mike Green worked in Moose Factory for eight years as Director of Family Medicine and Chief of Staff. His areas of interest include: aboriginal health, equity in health, health systems, and medical error.

Mike Brklacich - Carleton University, Co-Investigator
Mike Brklacich researches human use and impacts on environmental and natural resources, and in the application of science to public policy. His work relies on participatory research methods and on the integration of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Nancy Edwards - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Nancy Edwards has several research projects on the design and evaluation of multiple interventions for population health.

Nancy Gibson - CIETcanada, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, University of Alberta, Co-Investigator
Dr. Nancy Gibson is the Science Director of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Dr. Gibson provides leadership in consolidating northern research at the University of Alberta, and developing multi-disciplinary research programs to address issues ra
ised by northern community research partners. Dr. Gibson's research program relates to communities undergoing rapid transition resulting from relocation to a new environment, or from industrial intervention in their near environments. Her focus includes Aboriginal and immigrant populations in Canada, and displaced populations in West Africa. She is currently working with Dr. Malcolm King as Co-principal Investigator for the Alberta ACADRE Network (Aboriginal Capacity and Developmental Research Environments). Her long-range goal is to identify models for community-centered health research which are consistent with the values and beliefs of diverse communities. Dr. Gibson has worked on international health projects in India, Guatemala and Sierra Leone, and has advised local, county, provincial and national governments on health programs. Her research is collaborative, participatory and community-centered. She also is interested in the ethical implications of participatory research.

Nico Trocmé - McGill University, Co-Investigator
Nico Trocmé is the Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work PI of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect. He works with First Nations across Canada to understand the factors leading to the rapidly increasing over-representation of First Nations children being removed from their parents' care.

Olivier Receveur - University of Montreal, Co-Investigator
Olivier Receveur was field coordinator of Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment March 1993-June 1999.

Peter Tugwell - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Peter Tugwell has an active research program in global health and health equity, knowledge translation, decision support and consumer participation in research and health care.

Pierre Haddad - Université de Montréal, Co-Investigator
Dr. Pierre Haddad is a full professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the Université de Montréal. He is also a FRSQ National Research Scientist. Dr. Haddad’s current projects include cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the damage caused to liver tissue by cold ischemia-warm reperfusion, potential beneficial effects of ursodeoxcholic acid, alone or in combination with anti-oxidants or cytoprotective agents, in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and studies on the biological activity of suspected anti-diabetic plants using in vivo animal models of diabetes or insulin resistance, and in vitro bio-assays of insulin secretion and action.

Robert Flynn - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Robert Flynn researches the quality and effectiveness of services for at-risk populations, particularly in Aboriginal communities.

Simon Brascoupe - Carleton University, Co-Investigator
Simon Brascoupe's research interests are in the area of health, healing and wellness, community development, economic development and environmental issues.

Stanley Vollant - University of Ottawa, Co-Investigator
Stanley Vollant is the newly appointed director of the Aboriginal program at the University of Ottawa, School of Medicine. 

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