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Second Inuit Institute, 2009

Heather Ochalski gives a lecture during the Summer Institute, 2009

CIETcanada hosted the second session of the Inuit Institute for Research and Planning at the University of Ottawa from June 1-12, 2009. The event brought together 20 emerging Inuit health researchers from communities across Inuit Nunaat (the Inuit territories in Canada’s North) and the Ottawa Inuit community, where they are working in community health care, local government, and Inuit organizations. The course participants continued their study of research methods and built upon their skills from the previous Institute.

Shortly before the second session of the Institute, Canada’s governor general, Michaëlle Jean, advocated the creation of a university in the North. On the opening day of the course, Allan Rock, president of the University of Ottawa, said there is an “urgent need” for quality research to understand climate change, population movements, international claims, and changing health patterns taking place in Canada’s North. “I think combining modern methods of research with traditional knowledge that’s available is truly the key to going forward successfully,” he said in reference to the Inuit Institute’s approach.


Teachers and Contributors

Anawak, Robin                                   
Benoit, Joel                                        Edmunds-Potvin,Sharon                    
Etitiq, Kowesa                                    
Jancke, Sarah                                    
Kingmeatok, Maggie                         
Lennie, Crystal                                   
Lyta,Napatchie                                              Lyta, Pitsulala                                    
Niakrok, Harry                                      O'Hara, Shannon                               
Okalik, Looee                                     
Okpik,Rebecca                                              Qaumariaq, Josh                               
Quirke, Annie                                      Sateana, Andrea                                
Uviluq, Marie-Lucie                           
Tulugak, Marlene                              
Wolfrey, Charlotte                               

Zizman, Paani

Neil Andersson
Beverley Shea
Steven Mitchell
Jorge Laucirica
Dr. Malcolm King
Tracy O'Hearn
Karla Jessen Williamson
Onalee Randell
Cathleen Knotsch
Katherine Minich
Moshi Kotierk

Susie Bernier
Chris Furgall


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