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First Inuit Institute, 2008

Graduates of the Inuit Winter Institute, 2008

CIETcanada's first Inuit Winter Institute was held in Ottawa from January 28 to February 9, 2008, and focused on practical skills to articulate Inuit traditional knowledge with modern epidemiology and community participation in research and planning.

Participants laid out an Inuit view of health and reviewed historical and contemporary Inuit health issues. They chose to work on key research concerns, such as youth suicide, parenting, housing, and environmental contamination. For many of the participants this was their first approach to research methods which in this case emphasized tools for working with small, dispersed populations in Northern Canada. They also studied the use and communication of research evidence for planning –a strongly felt need within the group.

The 21 participants who graduated from the course came from across the four Northern Inuit regions and from the Ottawa Inuit community. Many of them are working with Inuit organizations at federal, regional and community levels; others are involved in community health care and local government. Their breadth of experience and enthusiasm shaped discussions and course content, making it relevant to Inuit needs and circumstances.

Two graduates from this first session of the Inuit Institute, Laakkuluk Jessen Williamson, from Iqaluit, and Crystal Lennie, from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, shared Inuit-specific perspectives on Inuit health research and their involvement with the Inuit Health Survey at the “People at the Poles” International Polar Year (IPY) Polar Day Event on September 24, 2008.


Teachers and Contributors

Benoit, Joel                                        Edmunds-Potvin,Sharon                    
Etitiq, Kowesa                                    
Goudie, Joan                                     
Jancke, Sarah                                     Kablutsiak, Kristi                                 Kingmeatok, Maggie                         
Lennie, Crystal                                   
Lyta, Napatchie                                    Lyta, Pitsulala                                    
Niakrok, Harry                                      Niviaxie, Alec                                     Ochalski, Heather                              
O'Hara, Shannon                               
Okalik, Looee 
Okpik, Rebecca                                   Panika, Maggie                                   Qaumariaq, Josh                               
Quirke, Annie                                      Sateana, Andrea                                
Uviluq, Marie-Lucie                           
Voisey, Dee Dee                                  Tulugak, Marlene                               Tabvahtah, Jeff                                   Williamson, Laakkuluk   


Neil Andersson, CIETcanada
Beverley Shea, CIETcanada
Steven Mitchell, CIETcanada
Jorge Laucirica, CIETcanada
Chris Furgal, Trent University
Kevin Barlow, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
Jocelynn Cook, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada
Minnie Grey, Makivik Corporation
Geoffrey Gurd, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada
Julian Little, University of Ottawa
Katherine Minich, University of Toronto
Jackie Price, Nunavut Sivuniksavut
Jeff Reading, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Georges Sioui, University of Ottawa

Gail Turner, Nunatsiavut Government

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