Anisnabe Kekendazone Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research

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Inuit Institute for Research and Planning

The Inuit Institute is a unique multi-year training program to develop a cohort of Inuit researchers capable of designing and leading research projects on Inuit priorities, combining traditional Inuit knowledge and modern science, and using data from research for health planning across Inuit Nunaat. The Inuit Institute started in 2008 and has so far held two more sessions in 2009 and 2010.

The Institute is also setting the stage for an Inuit-oriented masters and doctoral program in health research. This is the first such initiative in Canada, at a time of heightened interest in the social, economic and educational situation of Inuit Nunaat.

CIET Canada designed and implemented the Inuit Institute in partnership with the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Nasivvik Centre for Inuit Health and Changing Environment at Laval University, to help build health research capacities among the Inuit in northern Canada. Funding for this initiative comes from the AK NEAHR and the government of Canada. Other Inuit organizations and NEAHR centres have contributed with trainers and participants from across Canada.

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