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Opportunities for seed funding from the AK-NEAHR

What is our seed funding for?

This fund promotes nationally-relevant Aboriginal heath research. This can be used for pilot projects or to prepare larger grant proposals, especially those targeted for CIHR core funding of Aboriginal health research.

Who can apply and when is the next deadline?

Individual researchers or teams can apply all year round and applications will be processed as received.


The Anisnawbe Kekendazone advisory board has set the following criteria for the seed projects:

1. National scope

Preference will be given to research that has national implications for Aboriginal heath.

2. Research priorities

Preference will be given to proposals addressing research priorities of the five national organizations: a) access to health services including access to culturally appropriate services; b) youth particularly mental health and suicide; c) children health issues (E.g. FAS, FAE); d) violence against Aboriginal women; e) traditional healing; f) Aboriginal diabetes; and g) climate change and health.

3. Capacity building and training of Aboriginals

The proposal should identify individual trainees or present a clear profile with likely skill gains of trainee. Seed funds will be approved in principle and paid once the specified individual is hired.

4. Engagement with Aboriginal groups/communities

The proposal should outline the practical mechanisms for engagement with Aboriginal communities. It should include a protocol agreement, especially when naming Aboriginal partner communities and it should clarify the links between Aboriginal trainees with Aboriginal partners.

5. Ethical considerations

Proposals should recognize and show how they intend to deal with ethical issues. The board will conduct an ethical review of all successful proposals for seed funding.

6. OCAP-ownership, control access and possession

Proposals should clearly show how the activities reflect OCAP concerns for data management.

7. A view to further funding

Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate clear intentions to develop fuller proposals for longer term funding in Aboriginal health research.


In maximum of five pages, the proposal should outline how it will address each of the above criteria. Using clear language, it should explain exactly how the seed money will be used. Each proposal should be accompanied by an implementation timeline and detailed budget to a maximum of $50,000.

Submit proposals to

Anisnabe Kekendazone centre - the Ottawa NEAHR
CIET & Institute of Population of Health, University of Ottawa
1 Stewart Street, 3rd floor
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5
Tel (613) 562 5393 Fax: (613) 562 5392

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