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International Aboriginal Health Research in CIET


CIET has been working with Aboriginal communities in Mexico since 1986. Left, neighbours of Guadalupe Victoria, in Guerrero state,
review findings on childhood diarrhoea in 1993. Right, Ascencio Villegas, former director of CIETmexico, discusses research results
with government health officials and staff in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero State in 2009.

CIET works with indigenous communities and Aboriginal health researchers in different countries.

Much of our work in Mexico has been in partnership with Amuzgo and Mixteco populations in remote areas of Guerrero state, one of the poorest states in Mexico. Projects on safe motherhood, newborn survival and microregional planning provide concrete examples of how we interact with indigenous Mexican populations, as they develop research and planning capacities in cultural safety.

In Colombia, CIET has been providing support to the work of different organizations dedicated to the preservation of traditional health knowledge, like the Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales (CEMI), a non-governmental medical organization advocating for intercultural health practices, and to Dusakawi EPSI, one of the few indigenous-managed health services in that country.

In 2011, CIET researchers, together with colleagues from Australia and New Zealand, published a comparative study of HIV prevalence among indigenous populations in those three countries. The researchers studied over 13,000 new cases of HIV recorded by the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand governments across two time periods – 1999-2003 and 2004-08. The results were published in International Health. The New Scientist, an Australian science magazine, published an article on June 22, 2011, under the following title: “HIV epidemic may be coming for indigenous Canadians”.







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