CIET in Northern Quebec

CIET has led research and training initiatives in Northern Quebec since 1996.

The First Nations Youth Inquiry into Tobacco looked at tobacco use and abuse in 4090 youth aged 10–14 years. The project included 96 Bands across Canada including eight communities in northern Quebec. It was funded by Health Canada in 1996.

Our work on Youth use of mood altering substances involved 625 young people aged 10–21 years in 6 James Bay communities. This project was undertaken with the James Bay Cree Board of Health and Social Services (1998).

Access to information on HIV risk was the focus of a survey or 400 youth in two rural James Bay Cree communities, in contrast with urban Aboriginal communities in Montreal and Winnipeg. This was a partnership with the Assembly of First Nations (1998).

The AFN evaluation of the Canada prenatal nutrition program examined views of school-going youth 2523 women and 2166 youth in 87 First Nations Bands across Canada including six in northern Quebec. This project was in partnership with the Assembly of First Nations (2000).

James Bay Cree: CIET has developed a research partnership with the Board of Health and Social Services of the James Bay Cree in Northern Quebec since 1998. The AK-NEAHR housed by CIET financed a Master's student, Lily Lessard, to work with the Cree Board of Health. Gregory Brass, another AK-NEAHR student, looked at cancer care for First Nations (Cree) in his project Speaking of Healing: Identity, Medical Pluralism and the Metastasis of Knowledge in the First Nations Communities.

Inuit Institute of Research and Planning: CIET trained Inuit researchers from Nunivik, the northern region of Quebec, as part of the Inuit Institute of Research and Planning. The Institute is a unique multi-year training program to develop a cohort of Inuit researchers capable of designing and leading research projects on Inuit priorities, combining traditional Inuit knowledge and modern science, and using data from research for health planning across Inuit Nunaat (2008-2010). 

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