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AK partnership with the James Bay Cree

Right, Inuit children in Salluit, Québec, in 2005, when AK-NEAHR fellow Lily Lessard (left) partnered with the
James Bay Cree Board of Health

AK-NEAHR in Quebec has developed a research partnership with the Board of Health and Social Services of the James Bay Cree since 2005. The Board has worked with AK-NEAHR on a number of initiatives, such as a youth smoking study and community-based sexual health action research. AK-NEAHR also financed a Master's student, Lily Lessard, to work with the Cree Board of Health on research regarding the organization of services in several of their clinics to enhance their understanding and move towards more integrated, patient-centered services.

This study led to Ms. Lessard's employment in the Aboriginal unit at the Institute and Doctoral studies in community health. She is now a professor at the department of nursing at Université du Québec à Rimouski since 2008 and one of the co-founders of a research laboratory in rural health (LASER). She is still working with First Nations key regional partners in Quebec in the regions of Nunavik, Lower-North-Shore and Eastern James Bay Cree Territories through diverse research initiatives on development, and improvement of health services and mental health in their specific contexts.


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